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Second Year Leadership Series

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Research supports the idea that second year students have a unique set of needs related to making many decisions involving academic planning, campus involvement, career and intern preparation, independent living, along with emotional and physical wellness.

In an attempt to help create focused leadership on these issues, we offer the Second Year Leadership Series; SLS is a series of workshops designed to empower, challenge, and support second year students during this time of critical decision-making.

In the past, our workshops have included:

  • Getting Involved on Campus
  • Excercise, Stress, and the College Experience
  • Taking Leadership in your Academic and Major Planning
  • Living off Campus
  • Promoting Yourself
  • Studying Abroad
  • Finding an Internship
  • Welness and leadership

Contact Dylan Mazelis at if you have any questions. For more opportunities and resources for second-year students, please visit the Second Year Connection page.